Internship program in Australia

2 to 6 months abroad

For your stay abroad you should plan for 8 to 24 weeks if you want to do a language course and an internship.


Language Training

Language courses are tought in small groups of up to 15 individuals; on top of standard and basic courses also specialized and customized courses like business english are available. In case you prefer individual training, that can of course be arranged as well.

In order to train you to an optimum right from the start your original command of a foreign language will be evaluated on sight.

Language Training takes between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on your prior knowledge and on the language that you choose.

In some cases (p.e. solid command of the foreign language) it may be possible to go for an internship without prior language training; however we recommend a 2-weeks program either way in order to aclimatize yourself and to get you up to speed with the local language. Only with no language barriers right from the start your internship can become a success.

Of course different language training courses without a subsequent company placement can be arranged in all of our selected cities.



A fulltime Internship takes between 6 and 24 weeks. The overall duration depends on the sector you are interested in and will be determined with you in Germany and on sight. The company, organisation or institution will be selected by our local partners according to your requirements. After that you do not apply with the companies, but they apply with you. Together with you we then select the placement that suits your needs the best.

In principal we can offer internships in all subjects and all sectors. Yet this depends on your preferences, the duration and leadtime, and on the desired country and city you select.


Likelyhood of Placement

Good to know: the likelyhood of a placement as an intern according to your wishes is very high. Our local partners abroad have many years of experience in the execution of internships and international qualification tools.


Counselling Service

Before anything else we consult with you intensely. Together with you we develop a program including the necessary timeframe. You will receive information about your host-country and your host-organisation. You can receive most necessary information via telephone or more preferably by a personal visit to one of our offices in Hamburg or Berlin.


Full Service at your host location

For your convenience you will have a permanent domestic partner who will check with you frequently, and who will offer support with any questions or problems that might come up while far away from home.
You can check with this individual at all times; and also we here in the headoffice will be in touch regularly, usually once a month, even if nothing extraordinary happens.


Contractual security with Money-Back-Guarantee

In order to guarantee your satisfaction, all the terms and conditions should be in writing as a contract. This includes the expectations in an internship. The internship agency should guarantee to find an internship for you that meets your requested needs. In the extremely rare case that we do not find a suitable placement as an intern for you you will get your downpayment back.



If you like we buy an international health insurance or other travel-related insurances for you.


It can go fast

From the day of your booking between 1 and 6 months can pass before you actually take off. In case you are in a rush to go abroad - that usually can be done as well.



If you live outside Austria, Germany or Switzerland we would ask you to do the flight booking by yourself and let us know in good time about your arrival dates in your country and city of destination. We will then inform our partner about your arrival.

Upon arrival at your destination your local partner will pick you up and take you to your accomodation. You also will be accompanied and guided on your first day of language training or company-visit.



You will get to know the local language and culture the best by living in a host family (plus meals are usually included). Another option could be room-sharing with other participants, or a convenient stay in hotels or hostels can be arranged.


Certificate and Feedback

For your language training and your internship you will receive a certificate from the internship agency. After your assignment is completed we will have a feedback session in order to check the outcome and your evaluation of the placement.
Your opinion helps us for continous improvement, so we would like to hear about your experiences and what the results for you will be.


Full Service all from one hand

Before your foreign assignment you can take care of all personal matters of your everydays life - the internship agency will handle everything travel-related that has to be tackled before a trip abroad.


Internship Program Australia